Have a passion for design and tech? Why not let Geelong Bathroom Renovations help you achieve a perfect combination of the two with a tech-focused bathroom renovation. We have a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise to bring you that high tech bathroom you have always dreamed of. We believe that everybody should be able to enjoy a functional space, why not make the most of it by incorporating the best in cutting edge technology to help maximise the experience.

The smart home is here to stay and is ever-expanding into newer aspects of our lives. Technology has evolved so much that it's now alive within our four walls, in our fridges, central heating, doorbells, in our security systems and even our ovens.

The bathroom to date has been somewhat neglected, after all, when it comes to the basic necessities in life, how much technological advancement do we need, right? Not so. The bathroom offers the most potential to improve with latest advances in technology, especially in regards to water consumption and hygiene improvements.

One of the easiest changes you can make today (at very little cost) is to incorporate voice control in your bathroom. Voice control is having a massive effect on the development of the smart home and quite rightfully is now making its way into the bathroom. The best part of all is that this doesn’t need to be expensive. With an Amazon Alexa device or Google Home, for example, you could adjust the bathroom lighting with your voice through the use of smart lightbulbs, generating that calm, spa-like experience. Alternatively, play your favourite music through your connected, waterproof speakers simply by asking. We can help incorporate these small, inexpensive features into your bathroom renovation to give that real wow factor.

Another inexpensive but impressive feature we can incorporate is the use of an LED showerhead. LED showerheads help create the desired ambience when it comes to your bathing routine. Want that romantic feel? Switch them to red. How about a spa-like atmosphere? Try green. Best of all, the lights are completely customisable and are changed at the flick of a button. The LED lights incorporated into the showerhead can even be programmed to change colour depending on water temperature. LED taps can work in the same way, with features that help to preserve water consumption.

Our designers can work with you to incorporate a number of cutting edge features into your design, perhaps you’re keen to install the latest Japanese toilet, a multi-purpose spa bath, a TV or a completely app controlled suite – the choice is yours! Our portfolio of high tech fixtures and fittings will add that special, futuristic touch to your perfect, helping to create a one of a kind. With our many years of experience combined with our qualified design team, we will ensure that our products are at the cutting-edge of technology and engineering, helping to offer the most practical use of your space.

We can work with spaces and budgets of all sizes, helping to deliver you a bathroom that you will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

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