If there were one piece of advice we could give to you, it would be to ask questions. After all, life is about asking the right question - your bathroom remodelling job is no exception. Questions should have started to pop up the day you began considering the renovation job. We’ve pulled together a quick summary of the most common questions our customers have to ease your mind as you start your dream renovation.

Where should I start?

The ideal way is by simply drawing up a simple design yourself and doing a little homework. You will want to step back, have a look at the room and decide what's going to go and what's going to stay. It’s time to give the boot to any fixtures or fittings you don’t like – old bathtub, ugly tiles or past-it shower screen, get rid of them. Select your design and colour scheme and hit the ground running.

Now’s the time to contact your Bathroom Expert to start putting those well-made plans into action.

Do I need any permits?

A tough question to answer definitively. This is primarily based upon the sort of work you intend to do. Licenses are needed in most areas if you're planning to make adjustments to plumbing or electrics. Firstly, take a little bit of time to research the regional building codes if you're worried about this. (Pro Tip: Our years of experience mean we often will know what type of permits are required, so give us a call). Regulations differ from location to place; therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry so make sure you find out in advance. If you realise that you need a license, start the process ASAP to avoid complications such as being shut down, tax and insurance problems, or penalties. If you're adequately prepared, this shouldn’t cause you too many issues.

Should I replace everything?

Not at all – if you like something, hang on to it. It’s worth remembering that replacing fixtures and fittings around an object can help to give it a brand new lease of life. If you’re thinking of a retro look and feel, scour flea markets and Op-Shops for older fixtures that could give your bathroom a fresh appearance (as well as saving you a great deal of cash ). Recycling facebook groups are another excellent source for materials that are looking for their next owner.

I’m worried about the affordability

Upcycle, upcycle, upcycle! The number of things out there just waiting for somebody to love them is just nothing short of amazing. Places such as your local Salvos, Facebook, Craigslist, and eBay are packed full with secondhand fixtures and fittings for next to nothing. Want unusual accessories to customise your "new" bathroom? Have a look at online craft mega-store Etsy, and buy unique toilet cabinets, fixtures, artwork, and far more straight from talented craftspeople.

What to include, what to forget.

It is very easy to be swept away by the myriad of home shows on TV, and suddenly find that your life just won't be complete if you don't possess a 500 sq feet bathroom with jacuzzi bathtub, two-person shower and heated floor tiles. The actual question you should be asking is, what do I need and what can I afford? In case you enjoy a long soak in the bath or have children, include a bathtub by all means, but if you reside within a smaller home and have a little bathroom, a comfortable shower should suffice. After the novelty wears off, a lot of people who install jacuzzi bathtubs see them quickly become idle. Why not forego that luxury and put or give your holiday fund an increase.

How long will it take?

This is one of, if not the most, popular question we have asked. It’s too detailed to cover properly here, so we have written a full article on this. Check it out here.

I love a particular feature of my bathroom, can we include it?

The good news is, even if you’re only semi-talented at DIY you can use online resources such as YouTube to bring a new lease of life into your beloved bathroom fittings. For a few hundred dollars, you can buy a refinishing kit allowing you to self renovate items such as the bathtubs or bathroom cabinets. Not only will you have saved a bunch of money, but you have built a fully custom piece of furniture, you can take great pride in for years to come.

Will a bathroom update increase the value of my home?

Most certainly (in line with local market prices.) As we spend so much time in our bathrooms, modern, well-executed bathrooms are a huge selling point in regards to getting the best return on your home improvement investment. We have written a further article on this topic here.

So that’s it; hopefully, we have addressed many of your burning questions, and you are now in a position to begin your renovation job. Why not get in touch with Geelong Bathroom Renovations today to discuss your project. In the meantime, why not check out our article here “Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Renovator​"

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