If you like the finer things in life then Geelong Bathroom Renovations can help. With our wealth of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to bring you that designer bathroom you have always desired. We believe that everybody should be able to enjoy a luxurious at the end of a long day. We can incorporate designer elements into your renovation, at the same time as maintaining the practicality and functionality of the space.

Our portfolio of designer fixtures and fittings plus other exciting products help to complete your perfect, one of a kind designer bathroom. The years of experience combined with our top design team ensure that our products are at the cutting-edge of design and engineering, provide exceptional value for money and offer the utmost in practicality.

Are you dying to get that bath you've seen on Pinterest or perhaps the designer toilet your favourite social media star is showing off on Instagram? Working with our suppliers we are able to source unique fixtures and fittings suitable for your space. Working alongside our designers, we can construct your bathroom around a key feature, ensuring you are the talking point amongst all of your friends.

Designer doesn't have to mean expensive. We can work with budgets of all ranges helping you deliver a bathroom that will blow you away, without breaking the bank. Recent examples of designer features we have incorporated into our client bathrooms.

A minimalist approach

if you want to achieve a luxury bathroom without the extravagance we can help to create a toned-down, minimalist approach. Working with more simple silhouettes and complementary materials such as polish concrete and hardwoods, we can create a luxurious feel. We find this works really well with us a free-standing bath.

Marble finishes

nothing says sophistication like marble. Light coloured marble finishes create a sense of space and open this working well with spaces with high ceilings enlarge windows.


I want to create a unique bathroom, at the same time full of character? Look no further than a combination of stylish pattern floor tiles.

Contemporary wet rooms

​if your focus is on practicality why not consider adding a wet room to your home. Wet rooms are one of the most hassle-free bathroom options we can offer. Constructing your wet room from modern materials such as polished cement help open up these spaces to light reminiscent of your favourite spa. Whatever your desire, our highly skilled team can help translate your ideas into a stunning custom design, providing a sleek and stunning designer look, at the same time maintaining full functionality of the space.
Start imagining the bathroom of your dreams today - our team are on hand to make your dreams a reality. Complete our contact form or give us a call today to discuss your requirements further.

Dual Sinks

Dual sinks offer the utmost in practicality, reminiscent of high-end hotel suites. Perfect for busy couples.

Creating Textures Using Tiles

Adding tiles for texture, sparking visual interest can create a stunning effect for the designer bathroom. Glossy finishes for walls help reflect light making space appear more open and spacious.

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