Modern and stylish bathroom renovation doesn’t have to break the bank. We are committed to working budgets of all sizes to give your bathroom a complete makeover and one that you can enjoy for years to come. Our crack team of designers and builders can help to implement cost-saving strategies in the build to help you save your hard-earned money. Modest budget bathrooms are actually one of our most popular remodels and one of our specialities.

There are a number of strategies we could employ to help you bring in your project within a fairly restrictive budget.

Limiting the number of tiles: Limiting the tiled space to high impact areas such as the floor and a half wall can really help to bring down costs. Not only that but by interlacing more expensive tiles with cheaper, plain tiles can really help to accentuate patterns and designs, making them more expensive tiles stand out! The most popular choice for bathroom flooring is ceramic tile. Coming in a vast array of colours and styles, they are both durable and resistant to moisture. Installed and grouted properly, they are easily maintained and cleaning is a breeze!
Vinyl and linoleum flooring represent an affordable alternative when it comes to picking your floor. Luxury vinyl floor tiles are now available in a wide range of styles; some even mimic wood.

Saving on Counter Tops: When compared with what you would spend on kitchen countertops, bathroom surfaces can seem like a bargain! Neutral colours including tan, brown, and light beige are the most popular, which translates into higher prices. If you’re looking at saving money, consider other colour options which may fall within your budget.

Another way to save money here is to buy a countertop that contains slight imperfections. The more noticeable the deficiency, the cheaper the cost. If you keep in mind that your sink takes up the majority of the surface area, your imperfection may be hardly noticeable.

Upgrading Fixtures and Fittings: Small upgrades to fixtures such as the sink, taps, towel rails and light fittings often are a small investment but can create a big impact. If in doubt, opt for simple, understated fixtures and fittings in white and chrome. They won’t date quickly and, if chosen carefully, may look more expensive than they actually are.

Focus on the Future: When renovating your bathroom, it pays dividences to keep the environment in mind. Updating to include features such as Low-flow toilets, sinks, and showerheads will help you conserve water and save you money in the long run. As an added bonus, there is often little difference in cost between traditional showerheads and faucets compared with those that conserve water. No need to spend money to save it! ​

If you're intending to renovate your bathroom on a budget, retaining the existing bathroom layout would help save substantial costs. The cost involved with moving your bath, shower, sink or toilet will usually entail replumbing and rewiring, which can be expensive. Likewise, replacing only critical items, perhaps the shower or vanity, while keeping other items that are still functional it a logical cost-saving exercise.

Although at first, you may consider a DIY approach, using a professional bathroom refitter will be money well spent, provided you choose carefully. Although tempting, in the long run, it can be a costly mistake to try and cut corners when it comes to waterproofing, carpentry, electrical work or plumbing.

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